18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (2024)

Today, I’m sharing my favorite einkorn flour recipes so that you can incorporate this healthy grain into your everyday life. Einkorn can be a delicious, healthy, and fun flour to experiment with in your baking.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (1)

Over the last few years, einkorn has become increasingly popular – and for good reason. Not only is it a delicious way to bake and cook, but it is a much healthier grain that doesn’t need to be fermented. This is because it naturally has less phytic acid and is easier to digest than regular wheat (more about that in a bit).

This means it is the perfect candidate for quick recipes or last-second meal planning. Those are some of my favorite reasons for using it.

I’m not a planner – and I’m definitely not a meal planner by nature – so when baking with regular wheat flour, there has to be a little forethought to remember to feed the starter, make the dough, and then allow it to ferment for at least 8-12 hours or more.

Einkorn flour recipes are quick and easy ways to incorporate a biscuit or bread with dinner, pancakes for breakfast, or a dessert that doesn’t require fermentation for the gluten sensitive…all without having to plan much in advance.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (2)

What is einkorn?

Einkorn is one of the original ancient grains and one of the oldest heirloom wheats. It is also one of the only wheats that hasn’t been hybridized. Farmers started hybridizing wheat many years ago to create a grain more suitable for baking, which included increasing the gluten content to result in better crop yields.

In recent years, einkorn has started gaining popularity, as it is easier to digest than modern wheat.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (3)

Is einkorn flour better than all purpose flour?

Yes. It has a higher amount of protein compared to conventional wheat, and it contains about 50% less phytic acid than conventional wheat, making the nutrients morebioavailable and easier to absorb.

Einkorn is also packed full of protein, dietary fiber,iron, thiamine, antioxidants,and B vitamins. The grain tends to lose less nutrients during processing compared to regular wheat. It also contains less gluten (and it has a different type of gluten), making it easier to digest and a good choice for those who are gluten sensitive.

Is einkorn flour anti-inflammatory?

Yes. According tothis study, einkorn flour displayed anti-inflammatory properties, and it is high in antioxidants like carotenoids.

Can I substitute einkorn flour for regular flour?

Usually, but with a few changes. When substituting einkorn forall-purpose flourin a recipe, you would want to decrease the amount of liquids. In some recipes like pancakes, cakes, cookies, and muffins, you may be able to substitute einkorn for whole wheat flour.

What can I do with einkorn flour?

It can be used for just about any recipe that calls for regular flour – with with some tweaking as mentioned above. Frompies, topasta, tocookies, or swapping out regular flour with einkorn as a thickener forcreamy dishes,this really is a versatile flour.

Does einkorn flour taste different?

Einkorn has a lovely, mild, slightly nutty flavor compared to standard all-purpose flour. The texture is slightly more dense than regular flour, but baked goods still have a pleasing texture.

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Where to buy einkorn flour:

I buy my einkorn berrieshereor throughAzure Standard to grind with my grain mill. You can also buy pre-ground flourhere.

18 + Einkorn Flour Recipes

Einkorn Breakfast Ideas

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (5)

Einkorn Pancakes

Buttery and fluffy, these einkorn pancakes are my favorite and literally the best pancakes. They’re a delicious, filling breakfast that can be whipped together in just a few minutes.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (6)

Einkorn Puff Pancakes

A ‘Dutch baby’ style pancake that is super simple to whip up and delicious, fluffy, sweet, and easy enough for breakfast. Just blend the ingredients together, pour the batter, and bake. They may seem extra fancy, but I promise you, they are the easiest thing.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (7)

Mini Quiche With Einkorn Crust

These mini quiche have a rich, creamy custard with cheese. They are perfect for brunch, a shower, or a holiday breakfast; they can be customized with your favorite ingredients like bacon, onions, spinach, and potatoes.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (8)

Einkorn Biscuits

Homemade einkorn biscuits are a fluffy, buttery, and quick recipe to whip up for a delicious breakfast. Use them for breakfast or even for dinner. You can top my favoritechicken pot pierecipe with these biscuits!

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (9)

Einkorn Cream of Wheat – Breakfast Porridge

Talk about a filling way to start the morning. Freshly milled einkorn berries are simmered with milk and sweetened with a touch of honey tomake an einkorn ‘cream of wheat’.

Cinnamon Rolls

English muffins – Coming soon

Einkorn Lunch And Dinner Recipes

Homemade Gnocchi With Einkorn Flour

Soft pillow pasta made with einkorn flour and potatoes, this homemade gnocchi is simple and filling. This is a great base to add your favorite sauce to, or add the gnocchi to soup for a cozy meal.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (12)

Homemade Pasta With Einkorn Flour

This is a super fun recipe to make, and easier than you think. Homemade pasta is a nutritious recipe made with just two ingredients.

Einkorn Breads

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (13)

Einkorn Sourdough Bread

This delicious recipe has a wonderfully fluffy, chewy interior and a crisp, toasty crust. This ancient wheat bakes the most amazing loaf of sourdough bread, with an added bonus of easier digestion.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (14)

Einkorn Tortillas

With just five ingredients and a few minutes, these einkorn tortillas can be whipped up for your next taco night. They are soft, delicious, and nutritious to fill up bellies.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (15)

Einkorn Flatbread

Simple but hearty, einkorn flatbreads are the perfect tasty side to almost any dish. From start to finish, they only take a few minutes to put together.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (16)

Einkorn Pizza Dough

Crispy and chewy and finished with your favorite toppings, this einkorn pizza dough has all the best qualities of your favorite pizza crust. The best part is that it is super quick to come together, even with a little bit of time to rise.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (17)

Easy Einkorn Sandwich Bread – No-Knead

This einkorn bread is so easy, and there is no kneading and fermenting involved. Mix together, let it rise, and bake. From start to finish, you’re looking at two hours.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (18)

Cast Iron Einkorn Cornbread with Popcorn and Honey

Soft and fluffy homemade cornbread is the perfect side for some hearty chili. Freshly milled grains come together with the most delicious texture and the right amount of sweetness.

Einkorn Dessert Ideas

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (19)

Berry Crisp Made With Einkorn

Homemade berry crisp made with einkorn flour has a deliciously tart berry base, and is finished with a sweet and crumbly einkorn oat topping. Totally customizable, you can make this recipe with a variety of berries, cherries, or even peaches.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (20)

The Best Einkorn Pie Crust

Everything to love in a pie crust is here. This buttery and flakyeinkorn pie crust is the perfect pie dough that comes together in just a few minutes with only four ingredients.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (21)

Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious einkorn chocolate chip cookies are the most delicious chewy and buttery cookies.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (22)

Gingerbread Cake With Einkorn Flour

This delicious gingerbread cake is made with einkorn flour and smothered with a thick layer of mocha frosting for the most delicious combination of “spicy” and sweet, with a touch of bitter (the good kind). It’s the perfect holiday dessert!

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (23)

Easy Einkorn Brownies

A decadent and fudgy brownie made in just one bowl, these are incredibly delicious and very easy to make. All you need are a few ingredients and a few minutes for this simple dessert.

Make sure to come back to find more of my favorite einkorn flour recipes; I will continuously add new recipes as I post them.

18+ Einkorn Flour Recipes (2024)


Can I use einkorn flour in place of all purpose flour? ›

Einkorn Flour absorbs less water and at a much slower pace than all purpose flour. Because of this, a great conversion rate in recipes is to use an extra 1/4 cup of einkorn for every 1 cup of all purpose.

What is the best use of einkorn flour? ›

Einkorn may be substituted cup for cup with regular whole wheat flour in some muffin, pancake, cakes, and cookie recipes. However, sometimes the amount of liquid in the recipe needs to be reduced by roughly 15-20%. Einkorn absorbs liquids slower than modern wheat.

Does einkorn flour spike insulin? ›

One cup of whole grain wheat flour has about 87 carbohydrates. One cup of whole grain einkorn flour has about 51 carbs. So, there is quite a difference. It has the most protein of any grain, and einkorn does not spike the blood sugar as quickly as modern wheat.

Why does einkorn not work for baking as well as modern wheat? ›

If you are grinding your own Einkorn, do not expect it to rise as high as modern white bread. This is true with all whole flour breads. Because Einkorn has a completely different type of Gluten than modern wheat, it does NOT need to be kneaded very long at all.

Does einkorn flour bake differently? ›

Because einkorn contains less starch than regular wheat, cakes can bake a bit denser so we like to add an extra egg or egg white to the batter. Beat less and at lower speed or by hand for lighter textures in cakes and muffin recipes.

Is einkorn flour anti inflammatory? ›

And, einkorn is usually easier to digest for most people. Typical modern wheat can contribute to inflammation and gut damage. In lab studies, einkorn bread actually had anti-inflammatory properties. It's also high in polyphenols and antioxidants.

Does einkorn flour go rancid? ›

Properly stored, einkorn berries (unmilled) last for years, making it more affordable to stock up. Flour oxidizes and loses its nutrients over time. If not kept properly, flour will go rancid. Milling einkorn flour at home is easier than ever, thanks to modern electric countertop mills.

Do I need to soak einkorn flour? ›

SOAKING. While not necessary, we recommend soaking the einkorn wheat berries in the evening before going to bed. Place the grains in a bowl with twice the volume of water and let stand overnight. Therefore, for 1 cup of einkorn, you will need 2 cups of water.

Does einkorn flour taste different? ›

Einkorn has a sweet and slightly nutty taste. It doesn't have a gritty or rustic taste like you feel and taste with modern whole wheat flours. Due to the high amount of carotenoids in einkorn, baked goods have a slightly golden color. You can enjoy einkorn for more just baking, too.

Can celiacs eat einkorn? ›

One of the most common questions we get “Is einkorn safe for me?” Einkorn is wheat and it is not recommended for those with Celiac disease. However for those who are not celiac, but are gluten sensitive, einkorn can be a great solution. You may have heard it is very low in gluten.

Is einkorn high in histamine? ›

Einkorn Flour may or may not be suitable for a low histamine diet. There is very limited research on the histamine content of ingredients like einkorn flour. These ingredients may also trigger the release of the body's existing histamine.

Can you eat einkorn raw? ›

Einkorn wheat berries are the wheat kernel without the husk (inedible), including the bran, germ, and endosperm (all edible). They are unrefined and do not undergo any processing at the manufacturing level. When you get Einkorn, you get the raw, untouched grain version.

What is another name for einkorn flour? ›

Einkorn, also called Farro Piccolo, is known as “nature's original wheat.” In a world where wheat digestion is an ever present problem, it's worth a look at for its digestive benefits and nutrient density, not to mention its amazing flavor!

Why is my einkorn dough so sticky? ›

While einkorn is high in protein, its gluten properties aren't the same as modern wheat. This results in a dough that can be overly sticky and wet by the end of bulk fermentation.

Can gluten sensitive people eat einkorn? ›

Einkorn Wheat is the most ancient wheat and it should be avoided if you have celiac disease. However, it can be a healthful grain for those with sensitivity to gluten.

What can I use if I run out of all-purpose flour? ›

All-purpose flour is the most common flour called for in recipes, for both cooking and baking. But if you don't have any in the pantry, or can't find any in the store, there are other flours you can use in its place. Bread flour and cake flour—on their own or mixed together—can substitute for all-purpose.

Does einkorn flour taste like regular flour? ›

What Does Einkorn Taste Like? Einkorn's flavor is similar to commercial wheat, though it imparts a deeper, nutty and toasty essence. That's why einkorn flour works so well in warm, comforting dishes like pancakes and banana bread.

Should einkorn flour be sifted before measuring? ›

Si t your packaged einkorn lour through a fine sieve or lour si ter before measuring. Just like with all flours, sifting packaged einkorn flour will give you a much more accurate measurment.

Why is einkorn flour better than regular flour? ›

Einkorn has 3 to 4 times more beta-carotene than modern wheat. Because of this, it boosts immunity and prevents cancer and heart disease. Einkorn is high in the antioxidant lutein. Three to four times higher than modern wheat.

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