Getting Started (Botania) (2024)

Botania is a mod all about flowers, but not in the traditional sense. There are two types of flora (besides the Pure Daisy and Mystical Flowers): functional and generating. The functional flora use Mana to perform a function while the generating flora consume items or other sources to generate Mana. This guide will talk you through Botania until you are equipped to make the Agricarnation.


  • 1 Before Flowers
  • 2 First Flowers
  • 3 Messing with Mana
  • 4 Better Mana Generation (Recommended)
  • 5 First Functional Flower (Optional)
  • 6 The Runic Altar
  • 7 The Agricarnation

Before Flowers[]

The very first thing you are going to want to do in Botania is get the 16 different Mystical Flowers. I recommend getting 16 of each type of flower.

Before you start making flowers though, you will need to make a Petal Apothecary. It would also be a good idea to have a decent source of seeds because each recipe in the Petal Apothecary requires one seed.

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Shaped Crafting

Another important item for Botania is the Lexica Botania. This is the ultimate in-game documentation and can help you whether or not you use this guide. It's a made with a book and sapling crafted together.

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Shapeless Crafting

First Flowers[]

One of the important flowers you are going to want to make first is the Pure Daisy. This is made by tossing four Mystical White Petals, which can be made by crafting Mystical White Flowers into a Petal Apothecary filled with Water. Then, throw a seed into the Petal Apothecary to get the Pure Daisy. Plant it somewhere on a Dirt block.

Getting Started (Botania) (3)

Petal Apothecary

The Pure Daisy can be used to make Livingwood and Livingrock by placing wood Logs and/or Stone respectively around it; it will take one minute for the conversion to happen. I recommend getting 32 of each before moving on just to be safe.

Once this is done, I recommend making a Wand of the Forest. (See Messing with Mana for more information.)

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Shaped Crafting

Next, you will need to create your first generational flower, the Daybloom if playing in a version before R.1.9-322. This flower produces Mana with the power of the sun. It is also made in a Petal Apothecary filled with water. It is made with 2 Mystical Yellow Petals, 1 Mystical Light Blue Petal, and 1 Mystical Orange Petal in the Petal Apothecary along with one seed.

Getting Started (Botania) (5)

Petal Apothecary

If you are playing in version 8.1.9-322 and beyond you could use the Hydroangeas. The Hydroangeas consume water source blocks to generate Mana and are made with 2 Mystical Blue Petals and 2 Mystical Cyan Petals. All petals go into the Petal Apothecary, and again require one seed added as well. You could set up a 3x3 infinite water source for the Hydroangeas to use as their source of water.

Getting Started (Botania) (6)

Petal Apothecary

With any of these flowers you can start on Mana manipulation. More flowers can be made using the Lexica Botania later in your Mana-making process.

Messing with Mana[]

Mana (Botania)Now that you have a form of Mana generation, you will want to make two things: the Mana Pool and Mana Spreader. These will be used to transport and store your Mana in a useable form. First, place down your Daybloom on dirt (or Hydroangeas by water) where it will have access to the sun. Then, place a Mana Spreader near the flower. Next, place a Mana Pool where your Mana Spreader can see it. Now, click all of these with your Wand of the Forest while it is in Bind Mode. Lastly, take the Wand of the Forest and right-click while pressing sneak (default key "shift") in order to orient the Mana Spreader in the opposite direction. It is easier to remain holding on to these buttons as you move the Mana Spreader. You will want to orient it so it faces the Mana Pool. Now, switch to something other than your Wand of the Forest and every now and then so that a Mana burst will fire off as a green beam.

A nice test for the older versions would be to throw, for example, a Red Mystical Petal into the Mana Pool. If you get back a Red Mana Petal you have succeeded in generating and storing Mana. This does not work in the newer versions as Mana Petals have been removed.

Better Mana Generation (Recommended)[]

Mana (Botania)Mana, as you may already have been able to tell, is slow to produce. You probably will want to get more of it!

If you are playing the older versions and using Dayblooms or you are playing the newer versions and using the Hydroangeas you may have noticed that the flowers wither after 3 Minecraft days. A better flower to use would be the Endoflame as it does not wither and it creates a good amount of Mana. This is made with 2 Mystical Brown Petals, 1 Mystical Light Gray Petal and 1 Mystical Red Petal in the Petal Apothecary.

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Petal Apothecary

The Endoflame consumes combustibles such as Coal to generate Mana. The time the flower generates Mana is proportional to the burn time of the combustible so as the burn time increases so does the time the Endoflame generates Mana.

I recommend getting a decent amount of Mana before moving on.

First Functional Flower (Optional)[]

The easiest functional flower to make is the Bellethorne. It will utilize Mana from a nearby Mana Pool or Pools to hurt mobs but not the players around it. For this, you will need a Redstone Root, which is crafted with a Grass and Redstone. In order to create the Bellethorne, throw 1 Redstone Root, 2 Mystical Cyan Petals, and 3 Mystical Red Petals into the Petal Apothecary.

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Shaped Crafting

Getting Started (Botania) (9)

Petal Apothecary

The Runic Altar[]

Runic AltarThe Runic Altar is a key component in creating more advanced Botania flora. To obtain it, obtain a Mana Pearl or Mana Diamond made by throwing an Ender Pearl or Diamond respectively in a Mana Pool with sufficient Mana. Now make the Runic Altar like so:

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Shaped Crafting

Place this down 1 block away from your Mana Pool. Afterwards, place a Mana Spreader while on the Runic Altar in the space between the two. You can then start crafting with Mana.

The Agricarnation[]

AgricarnationThe runes required for this flower require 6 Manasteel Ingots. These are made by throwing Iron Ingots on a Mana Pool. The first rune you will need is the Rune of Water. To obtain the Rune of Water, right-click the Runic Altar with the following materials to place them: 3 Manasteel Ingot, 1 Bone Meal, 1 bundle of Sugar Canes, and 1 Fishing Rod. Then, throw a piece of Livingrock on top of the Runic Altar and right-click it with the Wand of the Forest. Once you see blue lightning coming from the altar, right-click it again with the Wand of the Forest. This is the same process required to craft all runes, with components changing to make different ones.

Getting Started (Botania) (11)

Runic Altar

The next rune needed is the Rune of Fire. It is created using 3 Manasteel Ingot, 1 Gunpowder, 1 Nether Brick, and 1 Nether Wart. The procedure is similar to the one used when creating the Rune of Water.

Getting Started (Botania) (12)

Runic Altar

The last required rune is the Rune of Spring it is created using 1 Rune of Fire, 1 Rune of Water, 1 Wheat, and 3 saplings from any tree. To finally create the Agricarnation one must throw 1 Rune of Spring, 2 Mystical Lime Petals, 1 Mystical Yellow Petal, 1 Lime Mana Petal, 1 Red Mana Petal, and 1 Green Mana Petal into the Petal Apothecary along with one seed.

Getting Started (Botania) (13)

Runic Altar

Getting Started (Botania) (14)

Petal Apothecary

This concludes the guide. Consult the Lexica Botania for the rest of this mod's content and explore!

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Getting Started (Botania) (2024)


How to start with Botania in Minecraft? ›

First, place down your Daybloom on dirt (or Hydroangeas by water) where it will have access to the sun. Then, place a Mana Spreader near the flower. Next, place a Mana Pool where your Mana Spreader can see it. Now, click all of these with your Wand of the Forest while it is in Bind Mode.

Why is botania so popular? ›

Uniquely Powered. With an original aim- and timing-based power system, Botania has a very different feel from your typical magic or tech mod. Manipulating Mana and watching it flow in real time adds a new light to your base of operations.

What is the best way to generate mana in botania? ›

Mana is created primarily by Generating Flora (flowers), each of which has a unique way of generating Mana.

How long does it take to fill a mana pool? ›

Assuming 100% daylight, it will take a single daybloom 14.46 real life days to fill a mana pool. The Nightshade produces mana at exactly the rate of a daybloom, except only at night. A Hydroangeas absorbs a water block every 2 seconds.

Do mana tablets Despawn botania? ›

The Tablet will not despawn when dropped on the ground. It also seems to be immune to the Ring of Magnetization.

How much mana is in the botania pool? ›

The Mana Pool is a block added by Botania. It is the primary block for Mana storage in the mod and can store an extremely large amount of Mana inside (100x more than the Diluted Mana Pool, or 1,000,000 Mana).

How do you get living root in botania? ›

The Living Root is a block added by Botania, available only with Garden of Glass. Each floating island in the Garden of Glass world type is created with 11 Living Roots. When broken, Living Roots drop 2-4 Living Root items.

Does your mana pool reset? ›

Each player's mana pool empties at the end of each step and phase. The phrase "mana pool" has been removed from the card text, starting with Dominaria. The concept continues to exist in the game rules. If a player is instructed to add any amount of mana, that player adds that mana to their mana pool.

What is special about mana pools? ›

Mana Pools has the country's biggest concentration of hippos and crocodiles, and large dry-season populations of zebra, elephants, and buffalo. The area is also home to other threatened species, including lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and near-threatened species like leopards and brown hyenas.

How much mana to make terrasteel? ›

Terrasteel is created via an infusion ritual atop a Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate. To form one Terrasteel Ingot, throw a Manasteel Ingot, a Mana Pearl, and a Mana Diamond onto the plate. The plate then must receive 500,000 Mana (Sparks are the best way to do this), without any of the 3 items being picked up.

How do you get the Botania book in Minecraft? ›

There are two versions of the Lexica Botania. The default version is obtained by crafting, while the upgraded version with Elven Knowledge added can be obtained by throwing the default book into the Portal to Alfheim. Elven Knowledge added to the book is indicated with titles in green.

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