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A properly aligned vehicle can help extend your car’s tire life, offer better fuel economy and even provide a safer ride, assuring your tires meet the road at the right angle, are pointing straight and are centered within the wheel wells.

Les Schwab, said to be one of the leading independent tire dealers in the United States, offers tire alignment services to the public, with the company offering a free visual alignment check to anyone who walks through their doors.

How much does an alignment cost at Les Schwab?

Browsing at the official website of Les Schwab, we couldn’t find the exact prices of an alignment; rather, the company asked that you came into a location in order to visually inspect your tire alignment and offer a suggestion from there.

If you know, for a fact, that you do need an alignment, then costs, at least from what we researched via countless Yelp reviews, seemed to be in the $80 to $100 range and would greatly depend on your geographical region, the type of car you drive and the type of tire alignment you needed. This was also confirmed by the company’s FAQ.

For example, for the Redmond, Washington location, one reviewer was quoted $99 plus tax for an alignment, while another reviewer for the Rocklin, California location was charged $80 for an alignment.

TheLes Schwab alignment value promise

The company, as per its alignment sub-page, offers a free visual alignment check, a 30-day guarantee on all alignments and a warranty that covers the labor costs at every Les Schwab location.

The company offers four-wheel alignment, standard alignment and a thrust alignment, and once they complete their initial check, there will be no charge if they see no adjustments are required.

Types of alignments available


Also referred to as a front-end alignment, the front wheels are aligned in a way so that they are parallel to the centerline of your car. This is considered to be the simplest alignment, but it is not recommended for all cars. Considered to be a less accurate option, a standard alignment may not center your steering wheel since it doesn’t work with rear wheel angles.


Considered to be one of the most accurate options, a thrust alignment is usually recommended for a car without an adjustable rearsuspension since only the front wheels will be adjusted. Since there’s no guarantee that the rearwheels are pointed as straight as they need to be, the front wheels will be adjusted as best as they can be along the thrust line, which is where the two rear wheels will meet. If successful, it should be good enough for a centered steering wheel.

Four wheels

An option for vehicles with an adjustable rear suspension, this type of alignment will help bring all four corners of your vehicle back in spec since they will be aligned to the center of the vehicle. During this process, the rear axle angle sare measured, adjusted and then the front will be worked on in the same manner. According to most manufacturers, this is the most accurate and recommended option.

Do you need a tire alignment?

One of the most common signs of a misalignment, according to the company,mayinclude one or more of the following:

Steering pull

Your car may pull from one side to another, often caused by road conditions as this is often due to the grooves in the asphalt that’s slightly farther apart from your car’s axles, allowing you to feel the pull as the tires on one side of the car is slightly higher. If, in case, your tires are higher in the center, the car may veer in order to find a level surface. A torque steer, which is another type pull that happens while you accelerate due to the difference in power delivered, can sometimes be due to a brake caliper sticking, not fully disengaging from the brake discora failing tire could be the culprit causing the steering pull in the first place. In some cases, depending on how the car drives, a tire alignment may not be required in this case; rather, it could be due to a worn suspension part such as a ball joint, tire rod and/or strut bearing.

Worn tires

As your tire wear, it can often be caused due to worn out shocks, struts, bushing, springs or even from carrying larger-than-average loads, all of which can cause your car to be put out of alignment.

Off-center steering wheel

Caused by either worn out steering or suspensionparts, an off-centered steering wheel that doesn’t stay straight doesn’t always mean an alignment will be the root of the cause. A visual inspection often determinesifan alignment is required.

Out-of-balance tires

Lastly, out-of-balance tires can sometimes mean you need an alignment, especially if your steering wheel vibrates, but again, this doesn’t always mean you need an alignment as other parts of your car can be the route of the problem.

When the company recommends an alignment

When you purchase new tires

Since an alignment can prolong the life of your tires, any good tire retailer will want to make sure you get the full thread life out of your tires. They also recommend it during a new install since it can help keep your warranty active as many tire warranties do require you include an alignment during the install.

You lift or lower your vehicle

Whenever you lift or lower your vehicle, you will affect your camber, caster or toe angles, according to the company.

Any suspension-based parts were replaced or adjusted

Continuing from the lifting subheading, whenever your repair or replace any suspension parts, such as your tie rods, ball joints, or shocks, to name a few, there’s probably a good chance the alignment will be out of spec as well, and if you fail to fix them, your suspension problem may reoccur again.

You were recently in an accident that involved either a fender-bender or a hard impact with a curb

Kind of self-explanatory, an alignment check after any type of accident is highly advised as any impact can often knock your car off spec.

It’s been over a year since your last adjustment

Lastly, it’s best to have your alignment check at least annually to make sure your car’s alignment isn’t out of spec. Regular checks, as noted in our intro, can help correct your gas mileage, tire wear and keep your car running smoothly.

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