Timothy Leeks, AKA ‘Lul Timm,’ Accused in Atlanta Shooting Death of Rapper King Von (2024)

Timothy Leeks, AKA ‘Lul Timm,’ Accused in Atlanta Shooting Death of Rapper King Von (1)

Atlanta Police/InstagramTimothy Leeks, left, and King Von.

Timothy Leeks is the 22-year-old Savannah, Georgia, man accused in the shooting death of rapper King Von, who was shot outside an Atlanta nightclub on Friday, November 6, according to police. Leeks is affiliated with rapper Quando Rondo, according to a prominent friend of King Von’s.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that on November 7 Leeks was charged with murder in King Von’s death. King Von’s real name was Dayvon Bennett. He was one of two people who died in the shooting that broke out during an argument between two groups of people.

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker told AJC.com. “The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest.”

Internet sleuths using surveillance video pinpointed Leeks as the suspected shooter before police released his name. Sources have called him by the nicknames Lul Timm and Lil Tim.

The motive was not released.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leeks, a Former High School Football Player, Was Previously Accused in a Drug Case

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According to SavannahNow.com, Leeks graduated from Jenkins High School in 2016, where he was a varsity football player. You can see Leeks’ highlight reel and football stats here. He was listed as a 5-foot-11-inch, 170-pound senior.

The site Rap Current claimed that Lul Timm’s Instagram page showed he is affiliated with rapper Quando Rondo. However, the Instagram page cited no longer exists. Despite rampant social media rumors, Atlanta police have not confirmed any tie between Quando Rondo and the shooting of King Von. Some give his nickname as Lul Timm.

According to Rap Current, “Social Media detectives pointed out that Instagram user ‘lul.timm’ was wearing the same outfit during the shooting incident, after being on the set with Quando Rondo for a music video earlier in the day.” According to the site, Chicago rapper 600Breezy taunted Lul Timm by commenting on the post with a “kissing face” emoji. That story was posted the day before police announced the arrest of Leeks, who the story says is Lul Timm. Black Sports Online reported Leeks is part of Quando Rondo’s “crew.”

According to King Von’s friend, DJ Akademiks, “Police have arrested and charged Quando Rondo homie ‘Lil Tim’ for the murder of King Von. Lil Tim is also recovering from gunshot wounds as well.” Quando Rondo’s real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman.

Was there a beef between Quando Rondo and King Von? That’s the social media speculation, but it’s unclear. “King Von was signed with rapper Lil Durk, and Quando Rondo was signed with NBA Youngboy,” so they were in rival circles, according to HITC.

Word spread fast on social media. “I went to school with him and lived in same area never thought he ah be one kill king von and y’all know I’m authentic I’m the first one to drop his real name and not his ig name,” a person wrote on Reddit.

Leeks Was Accused in a Previous Drug Investigation

Leeks was accused this August of a series of other charges, according to SavannahNow, including “attempt or conspiracy to violate the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, theft by receiving stolen property and obstruction.”

In that investigation, according to the news site, authorities seized guns, more than 15 pounds of marijuana and almost $16,000.

His name was given as Timothy Nathaniel Leeks, according to WTOC, and there were other suspects accused as well.

Just hours before the shooting, King Von wrote on Instagram, “Armed & Dangerous Video Drops 2’morrow. 🔥🔥🔥🦁🔥🔥🔥.. y’all want it?” He posted about an Atlanta appearance on November 5.

Atlanta Police Say 2 Groups of Males ‘Started to Argue With Each Other’

Atlanta police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are investigating the shootout in downtown Atlanta “that involved shots fired at off-duty officers,” reported WSB-TV.

Atlanta police told Heavy:

On Friday November 6, 2020 at around 3:20am two off-duty Atlanta police officers were working an extra job at Monaco Hookah Lounge 255 Trinity Av SW. The officers were in uniform and a marked APD vehicle with its blue lights activated for visibility was parked nearby. The officers were outside the lounge when two groups of males started to argue with each other. The argument quickly escalated to gunfire between the two groups. One of the off-duty officers, along with an on-duty Atlanta police officer who was patrolling nearby, confronted the shooters and shots were fired during the encounter. Three suspects were located on-scene with gunshot wounds and were transported to the hospital by EMS. Three other suspects left the scene and were taken to the hospital by private vehicles. Two additional suspects were detained on scene.

Two people died and more were injured. “The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested to respond and investigate the officer involved shooting aspect of the incident. Atlanta Police Homicide investigators responded to the scene and are investigating the homicides. Part of the investigations will include determining which individuals were struck by gunfire from the suspects and whether any were struck by gunfire from the officers. Charges are anticipated against the two suspects detained on-scene and additional charges are likely as the investigation continues.”

There were off-duty officers at the scene. However, Atlanta police told Heavy they believe King Von was shot and killed before police responded in an attempt to “stop the shooting.” In a statement, police told Heavy:

It is our understanding Dayvon Bennett, aka King Von was shot and killed during this morning’s shooting and we are seeing rumors being spread indicating he was shot and killed by APD officers. At this time, our investigators believe Mr. Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting. Additionally, Mr. Bennett was not located at the scene, but arrived at a hospital shortly after the shooting, via private vehicle. The investigation into this incident remains open and very active.

King Von’s Friend Described His Death

DJ Akademiks tweeted: “It’s with great sadness that I have to confirm that King Von has passed away. I spoke with his manager who luckily has survived being shot and is currently recovering in the hospital. However, Von manager did confirm that Von was shot and did not make it. RIP King Von.”

DJ Akademiks said King Von was not armed. “From my convo with Von manager who survived getting shot, he says it wasn’t the police who killed King Von. However, he did say Police did engage in a shoot out with other armed individuals who were there. King Von reportedly was unarmed,” he wrote.

DJ On Da Beat wrote on Instagram: “My heart can’t take this. No bro. Why you. Why bro. Please just FaceTime me bro. Why they had to take you. Ima see you again this sh*t ain’t over. It’s far from over. We still just getting started. RIP my Bestfriend. The only n*gga to listen to me word for word from day 1. We sat on FaceTime for hours making songs together. Every bar had a meaning and every song was a part of our soul. Every moment meant something and to grow wit you made me feel like I was a real producer. I love you bro @kingvonfrmdao.”

He is described by HotNewHipHop.com as King Von’s best friend and producer.

“King Von has reportedly died from his injuries sustained in the shooting this morning. Rest in paradise to a young king,” the site My Mixtapez wrote on Twitter.


Jessica McBride is a news, sports, and entertainment reporter covering breaking news, politics sports, entertainment, and crime for Heavy. She is a former reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Waukesha Freeman newspapers in Wisconsin and is a senior journalism instructor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. More about Jessica McBride

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Timothy Leeks, AKA ‘Lul Timm,’ Accused in Atlanta Shooting Death of Rapper King Von (2024)
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