Track My Order Verizon (2024)

1. My Verizon app - View Order Status

  • My Verizon app - View Order Status ; Open the. My Verizon app. My Verizon App icon . ; Tap. Bills . ; Scroll to the bottom then tap. Documents & receipts . ; Tap.

  • Here's how to view and check the delivery status of orders (past and present) via the My Verizon app.

2. Trick to getting current status update - Verizon Community

  • Nov 1, 2017 · Go onto the Verizon website, but don't sign in! Check your order status (Support > Order Status) using either the order or preorder number (I ...

  • So I preordered late, and got a delivery date of 11/15. I've been going nuts, tracking my order through the website and the app just about every 15 minutes to see if my order will get bumped up. Both trackers say that my order is still being processed and have a delivery date of 11/15. I noticed th...

3. Order & Tracking | Verizon Community

4. Track Your Order - Total by Verizon

  • Check your Total by Verizon order status, shipping times, and dates. Search for your order and set reminders to pick up your shipment.

5. Shipping options for your online purchases FAQs - Verizon

  • How do I track my shipment? You can track your shipment on the My Orders page in My Verizon. · How do I check the status of an order? Once you complete your ...

  • Learn about options to get your online wireless orders shipped to you from Verizon.

6. Order hasn't shipped - Verizon Community

  • Oct 1, 2023 · Verizon is here to help. You can always check your order status through your My Verizon: ...

  • I purchased a phone and smartwatch a week ago. It was supposed to have two day shipping. The money pulled from my account and when I go to track the order it still hasn't shipped. I have contacted support four times about this. They tell me It will ship soon but they cant say why it hasn't shipped y...

7. Verizon Order Status, Fios Installation or Change Your Install Date

  • The order number may also be found on your order confirmation email or letter. Enter your Order Number and Zip Code below to get started. What is my "Order ...

  • Enter your order number and zip code to check your Verizon Fios order status and helps onboard into Verizon by registering and downloading useful MY Fios/ Fios TV Verizon apps. Customers educated about their first bill estimation, Channel lineup for the TV plan they ordered, Fios installation details with video, answers to top FAQs and other useful information about their products ordered. For the orders which needs technician visit customers can Confirm their appointment, Change due date / Installation date, Leave instructions to technicians, update their dispatch contact information and track the technician on the day of installation. For the self-install orders customer can track their shipment status and check the nearest Verizon stores list where they can get their equipment’s (Store pick up orders). Customer can check the return equipments to verizon with details of Fios return kits tracking status.

8. Didn't get my mobile device or accessory order - FAQs - Verizon

  • My package from Verizon never arrived. What should I do? · Sign into My Verizon and track your shipment on the My Orders page. · If more than 48 hours have passed ...

  • Find out what to do if your Verizon mobile device or accessory hasn't arrived.

9. Return a device or accessory within 30 days video - Verizon

  • Duration: 2:00Posted: Apr 30, 2020

  • Watch this video to see how to return or exchange a device or accessory you purchased from Verizon wireless for up to 30 days.

10. View Orders for Business Accounts - Verizon

  • The View Orders page is a great resource to track all of your equipment purchases made online in My Business Wireless or the My Verizon for Business app.

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Track My Order Verizon (2024)
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