Brussels Sprouts With Pickled Shallots and Labneh Recipe (2024)

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Really enjoyed this! We used Greek yoghurt in place of labneh and maple syrup in place of date syrup. The pickled shallots were a highlight.


Excellent flavors. I used Greek yogurt instead of labneh and pomegranate molasses instead of date syrup. Also, since I didn’t have a shallot I pickled a small red onion. This recipe is a keeper!


We loved this! I added a sprinkling of za'atar ontop of the labneh before putting the brussels ontop. Also - I did not have date syrup so I drizzled with some high quality (sweetish) balsamic. Really satisfying.


I happened to have a cauliflower in my refrigerator, but no brussels. So made it with cauliflower instead. Came out delicious! Now, I'm thinking I can sub other veggies as well.


Shari - you ask if pomegranate molasses would work for the drizzle element in this dish. It will but it is a brighter more tart flavor than offered by date molasses. I have date molasses on hand as staple so will use that here but if I didn't have it I would choose maple syrup or honey. I love pomegranate molasses and it has been a kitchen staple for a couple of decades. I just wouldn't choose as first choice here but it would for sure work for a more tart drizzle.

Karyn in Berkeley

The BEST.... I added a liberal sprinkling of Ras El Hanout to the sprouts.. and doubled up on the terrific labneh garnish... served it up as a veggie meal with the Roasted Cauliflower with Tumeric and Feta ( NYT). What a hit!


This is awesome!! Had to stop eating to post!!!!! Make immediately! I used honey and it was great


Caroline,Experience tells me that reheating brussels sprouts would result in a loss of texture and the fresh nuttiness/caramelization that emerges fresh from the oven and therefore would diminish the end result. One could, however, slice the sprouts a day ahead of cooking -- that is completely fine. The sprouts can roast while the shallots marinate! Just cooked this dish tonight, and this is exactly what I did.

Mark Bowen

Excellent dish, but double the sprouts.We made it yesterday (Thanksgiving) for a covid-inspired dual household meal in which our friends delivered half a turkey to our house, we gave them side dishes that we'd made, we retreated to our respective domiciles to eat, and as we did so, Zoomed briefly to praise the meal and raise a toast.For the labneh, I made Melissa Clark's Instant Pot whole-milk yogurt and drained it in cheesecloth for several hours. In other words, basically: Greek yogurt.

Downeast Mainer

To improve this dish: (1) Heat vinegar mix to a simmer before pouring on shallots; this takes the bitterness out. (2) Syrup/honey are not good subs for date syrup; they are too sweet and take over the flavor of the dish. Use a mixture of honey and pomegranate molasses or balsamic vinegar. (3) Saute the garlic lightly before mixing with labne, or use garlic powder; otherwise you'll only taste garlic. (4) Serve the sprouts piping hot; the temp contrast is important. With these changes, it's good!


There is a lovely potato gratin with caramelized onions on Food52 that would be perfect!


I’ve been roasting sprouts like this for years and the cooking time at 400 degrees is more like 12-15 minutes.


I added pomegranate seeds and it really added


Quite good! Couldn't find labneh, so I used 3/4 cup Greek yogurt mixed with 1/4 cup cream cheese: tangy and thick.


Used a French sheep cheese sort of like feta and mesquite honey (what we had in the pantry)OUTSTANDING


Very good recipe! I used Greek yogurt instead of labneh and added chopped preserved (it gives saltiness but also adds freshness and a lemony taste). Added to my favourites for Brussel sprouts!!!


I don’t like to mess with NYT Cooking recipes but sometimes it’s simpler to use ingredients in the kitchen. Rather than Labneh I used plain Greek yoghurt as the base and it tasted great. And I took the substitute recommendation of honey and mixed it with a sweetish Balsamic glaze to drizzle on top and it was great. I made this recipe for a crowd at Christmas and it was a hit. I’ve also made it as an entree for two. Super easy and quick.


Frying the Brussels sprouts makes them easy more tasty…


Very tasty! It makes a good side dish i think, though I just had it as a main with some pita bread.


Absolutely love this! Substituted a combo of Greek yogurt and ricotta for the labheh, went a little light on the raw garlic. Used to date syrup from Trader Joe’s.I served as suggested, and it was delicious . Not just for Thanksgiving.


One of the best Brussels sprouts recipes I have ever had, or made. Make as the recipe states.


This was amazing. Really good.


If serving at thanksgiving- cranberry sauce makes an excellent substitute for the syrup


I don't like Brussel sprouts, but I ate two servings of this. If you like Middle Eastern flavors, I think you'll find this is a hit. I couldn't find labneh so I used plain Greek yogurt. Also, I was worried that it would be complex given the three components that needed to be made, but it was super easy to cook and assemble.


I'm making this recipe for the third time. I'm too lazy to do the pickled shallots so I just do the yogurt and maple syrup but still delicious


The pickled shallots were a revelation! And easy. Now I keep a jar of brine in the fridge and slice a shallot into it once a week or so. Then they're always ready. I toss a few into every salad and many other things.


This is simply one of the most delicious dishes I have ever eaten. It is now in the rotation for our dinners and we make this for friends whenever we get the chance. Everyone loves it! I would not substitute yogurt for labneh, as the labneh is so lovely and rich. But if you can’t find it, strain your Greek yogurt and make your own. It is so worth it. Also, if you don’t have date syrup, get it! Its so versatile and delish. In other words, make this dish without substitutes because it is perfect


This is delicious! I didn't have labneh, so lined a colander with cheese cloth, spooned in greek yogurt, wrapped it up, put a weight on top and let it drain. It was the correct consistency in about 2 hours. A double batch of the pickled red onions. This will be my go-to dish as long as brussels sprout are available.

The Original Kim K.

Crispy sprouts, tangy shallots, sweet-earthy date syrup, creamy, garlicky hits all culinary pleasure centers and was a big hit on this Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow, I may try pomegranate molasses in place of the date syrup.

Jonathan M.

Love this recipe! Did a mix of maple syrup and pomegranate molasses (1.5 Tbsp maple syrup, 0.5 Tbsp pomegranate molasses) and sprinkled some pomegranate arils on top. Super tasty! We also used Greek yogurt instead of Labneh and it worked well.

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Brussels Sprouts With Pickled Shallots and Labneh Recipe (2024)
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